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Hold on to your hat, or rather your bike helmet, a revolutionary new transmission for bike is shifting up a storm!
Lucky you are, all of you bike fans, as the bike industry is constantly upgrading, coming up with exciting new technology. New geometry of frame, components' material, mechanic stuff, all the new technology is pushing us with each pedal stride towards an amazing future of possibilities.

But from time to time, it takes a huge leap forward...

Here is the stepless infinite speeds transmission by ENVIOLO. 



At Echo Sports, we were totally excited about this new revolutionary transmission. 
No classic cassette with gears with this transmission, yet it offers infinitely more speeds' variants then any shifters currently on the market.


This technology all relies on this planetary system in the middle, named rightly so as not only do they spin, but everything else around it does to. 


This system controls the pressure input given from the pedals towards the external disk, which then transfer this demand on the planetary system, forcing it to shift on their axes according to the demand and transmitting it to the inner disk. Each able to spin at different speed independently and adjust to the demands, creating infinite speed possibilities. Speed shifting will occur in a smooth, seamlessly way, gradually and quickly adapting to the requests.


This system is a well oiled one, literally and not just any oil. A special transmission oil that can solidify for microseconds, allowing for more torque.

Bike repair bonus: this oil never requires to be changed! 


The result:

Going up or down, slow or fast, get moving again when you had to stop; this intuitive system will get you moving harmoniously by adjusting seamlessly to every demands.  


This new transmission is also very compact, check out the difference on our gorgeous Gazelle ULTIMATE C380 


Note the clearing space under the bike now. Where you'd usually find a regular chain, on this bike you'll find a solid carbon belt. 

Bike repair bonus: Carbon belts are a lot more durable and rarely need to be changed! 

Since there is no more shifter below, the gate belt is much higher, giving the bike an awesome streamline look.
No clicking sounds on that cycling beauty: thanks to the stepless transmission and the carbon belt, all your rides promise to be smooth and quiet. 


You'll find this exciting technology on our  GAZELLE ULTIMATE C380  and URBAN ARROW this season.

Curious to see for yourself?

Ask for a demonstration, the gorgeous Gazelle is already in store!





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