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What is ENVIOLO stepless transmission


The Enviolo 380 stepless hub is an innovative bike transmission technology. This stepless infinite speed variation system is an alternative to classic transmission using gears and deraillers. This unique hub has the particularity to allow fluide speed shifting, without interruption of the pedal force. This way, the transision between speeds is seamless and faster, making the experience a whole lot smoother for the rider. Enviolo 380 is based on a mechanism of infinite speed variation inside the hub.

This mechanism can be manually controled with a handle located on the bike's handlebar, or can be set automatically according to the desired pedal speed with the Automatiq version. With a simple twist of that handle, the rider can adjust the transmision's resistance and thus, the wheel's rotation speed. The speed range offered by Enviolo is massive, up to 380%, which allows the rider to cope with all terrains at any speed; tackling steep hills at slow speed or fast cycling on flat lanes. 


One of the great advantage of the Enviolo 380 hub is how easy it is to use. Changing speed is done swiftly, without having to pedal at the certain rythm before shifting. On top, this system does not require particular adjustments, contrary to regular classic transmissions who may require regular maintenance during the season. Enviolo 380 is also a wise choice for the rider who is mindful about properly maintaining their bike. Indeed, all the parts of this system are sealed up in the hub, protecting them from dirt, dust and weather. Thus, protecting from premature wear and tear and making Enviolo 380 much easier to maintain than any gear & derailler classic transmission.


The Enviolo 380 stepless speed hub is a quality choice for any riders looking for a durable, reliable and easy to use bike transmission.

It is compatible with electric bikes, hybrids, city bikes and even cargo bike. You'll find it on these electric bikes among others:  Gazelles Ultimate C380 & Avignon C380, Urban Arrow, Tern GSD series & SERIAL 1 Rush/Rush Speed

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