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Choisir des bottes de ski alpin

How to choose the right alpine ski boot

To choose the right alpine ski boot, there are 4 criteria to consider;

1- Rigidity

2- Width

3- Size

4- Boot test


1- Rigidity

The degree of stiffness must be taken into consideration according to your skier profile.

Why should you? A very rigid boot gives more energy to the skis, but also requires more strength. As a result, they are more suitable for experienced or heavier skiers.


The flexibility indicator according to your level*.
Beginner skiers Intermediate skiers Advanced to expert skiers
Flex less than 65 Flex between 65 and 90 Flex 90 and over


2- Width

Width is an essential criterion to consider when slipping your foot into the ski boot, especially if you have a wide foot.

Not all skiers will have the same foot width, so you need to choose the right boot to maximize your comfort on the slopes.


Here is the classification for adult boots:
  Narrow Medium Large
Foot width 99 mm and under 100 to 103 mm 104 mm and over


3- Size

Ski boot sizes are established using the Mondo system, an international system based on centimeters.
Your size corresponds to the length of your foot. Use the table below to find your shoe size.
Mondopoint  US US           Europe
  Women Men  
22.5 4.5   36
23.5 5.5   37
23.5 6   37.5
24 6.5   38
24.5 7 6 39
25 7.5 6.5 39.5
25.5 8 7 40
26 8.5 7.5 41
26.5 9 8 41.5
27 9.5 8.5 42
27.5   9 43
27.5   9.5 43.5
28   10 44
28.5   10.5 44.5
29   11 45
29.5   11.5 46
30   12 47
30.5   12.5 47.5
31   13 48
31.5   13.5 49
32   14 50



4- Testing

This is the key to choosing the right ski boots, and it's absolutely NECESSARY to find the right ones for your feet.


Step 1: Put on your ski socks

The ones you usually use for skiing.

Step 2: Undo all buckles and pull the tongue forward.

If the boots are your size, your toes should be touching the toe of the boot.

Step 3: Stand up straight (with your knees crossed) and try to touch the toe of the shell.

If the boots are your size, your toes should be touching the toe.


Step 4: Perform at least three good flexions, pressing hard on your shins to move your heels back as far as possible into the boots.

Your feet will move backwards and you should only touch the toe of the boot. After a few uses, the liner will settle and you won't touch the toe of the boot again. Also bear in mind that we ski with bent knees, not straight legs.







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