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Cross-country ski types



+ Quieter, more efficient, and always optimal, since waxing is done according to weather conditions.
- Maintenance should be carried out regularly, depending on weather conditions, before each outing.
  • Application of waxes according to snow and temperature conditions
  • Application of glide wax to the glide zones of the ski base
  • The sole of the ski must be cleaned between the different types of wax




+ No waxing required depending on weather conditions, good fun/slip/ease ratio.
- They will be more difficult in dry and icy conditions, with the possibility of losing speed on descents.
  • Application of glide wax to the glide zones of the sole
  • Maintenance of the scaled area with a wax that limits snow compaction in the thrust zone.


CROSS-Country SKI WITH SKINS (SKIN: synthetic grip skins)


+ No need to wax for thrust, performance beyond that of flake skis, reliable grip even on icy or wet surfaces, suitable for a wide range of conditions, ultra-quiet.
- These skis will take some getting used to for the first few outings.


  • Skins need to be cleaned to avoid the build-up of debris that can impair performance over the long term.
  • The synthetic skin strip can be changed by our technicians, or some brands like Fischer have created skins that can be easily replaced with a few clicks.


Advanced technologies have made incredible strides in recent years. Whether you're a backcountry explorer at heart, or a Sunday skier on a weekly visit with the family to your favorite ski resort, there's a cross-country ski out there that's absolutely perfect for you. None is a bad choice, in fact they're all excellent choices, but the real good choice is the cross-country ski that best suits your needs.

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